Easter Tree in Narthex...green being to show, for God makes  all things new !

Easter Tree in Narthex...green being to show, for God makes all things new !

Lenten Worship: 

9 A.M. Sundays March 10, 17, 24, 31, April 7 as we prepare for Easter, we let our hearts see dark and expect the light...

Wednesdays: Soup Supper, 5:30 p.m.with Conversation around "5 Glimplses of the Bible" --  how was it given written form? how did we receive it? how do read it? how does God's Word interact with us?  how do we interact with God's word? 

6:30 p.m. Holden  Evening Prayer Lenten Worship "Now as evening falls around us...."

Trinity Lutheran Church, midway between Grand Marais and Grand Portage along Lake Superior's North Shore invites you to Worship;

Worship is central to who who we are and how we strive to live-out our mission in Christ; celebrating the power of God amoung us who creates, heals, forgives, inspires. 

Pastor Kris Garey,

Director of Music Ministry and Assistant Pastor, Bill Beckstrand

218-475-2439;  P O Box 188, Hovland, MN  55606; trinity@boreal.org

Little by little, the birds make their nests…” Principal Louis of our Haiti ministry partners at Bonne Nouvelle sadi this about their desire to rebuild their dearly loved church building (still with no walls or solid foundation from the Jan. 2010 earthquake).  Our coalition with St. James Episcopal (Mpls) and other congregations applied for an Episcopal Diocese grants said by phone:

“The plan for us will not change..we still have hope for church…..Little by little the birds make the nest…

He does not know that at Trinity gourds (from the collection of Pearl and Pr. Ham Muus who in prayer wood-burned each gourd with a hymn title) were given out to gather Lenten offerings for Bonne Nouvelle.  Each gourd looks like a bird house, but is meant to be “a home” for coins and bills and checks, to be gathered at Easter for  our partners in Haiti when they are ready for them.   


If you wish to add to this "in-gathereing" from the Gourds, please send a check or click on the "Donate" icon above & enter "Haiti" on the "other" line.

winter visitors...

winter visitors...

5th Sunday of Lent, 2019 Preaching, Pastor Kris Garey

Isaiah 43:16-21

Psalm 126

Phillipians 3:4-14

John 12:1-8


2nd Sunday of Lent, 2019 Readings and Psalm


On the way to Jerusalem

Jesus, as we might today say it, really goofed up….or so to others it would have seemed.

he made what would have been seen by others to be a tactical mistake—

Letting what he was doing for good

Be seen by those that wanted none of it

To penetrate their ruling power.


Jesus was walking toward Jerusalem, going through villages, towns, smaller cities,

And all the while of walking,

Jesus by healings and by making broken people whole and giving cast out people welcome

Was stating God’s gentleness…

And Jesus words and deeds meant he created foes…


Including some

that could hyena like hang around the edge and then with packs of others

create distrust, division,



the life of Jesus and the hope of people

or so

those snarling hyena like empire opponents

thought and planned


Only to find

That Jesus could not be terrorized

and that

God’s Holy Spirit could not be stilled, nor to silence willed.

God nor God’s priority could not be killed

For in Jesus

God’s son

God displayed

Love Abundant and

Sanctuary that Surpasses Threat

Home found not in building but in deepest heart



For therein

In deepest heart

Deepest thought

Deepest hope

God’s goodness is most surely known

And then our strengthened goodness comes to know


That when terror comes

When someone who would lives blast apart,

And revolution against goodness start

By turning up the heat on anger for it to outward break

to try and get the world violence to embrace


at just those times

Jerusalem, Jerusalem

Jesus cries

Wanting to stir us, these ancient human patterns of violence and hatred

to decry


Jesus back then was being told

What we are often told


God cannot be that good

That he to human flesh would come

so that lame walk and mute talk

and deaf become ones who hear and blind become ones who see

none of  this

can really be     

for God cannot be that good…

said some then and some now too would prefer

a god who kindness does deplore

so that human acts of causing death can claim

to be some kind of ugly holy war



that is not God

not God’s way

for God would give to us and all





to live

and show forth

the Loving Care  of God

that  far beyond one region or religion calls

saying these words are meant for all

dear people dear  children

dear creatings of my heart

dear creation of my longing

dear ones whom I Your God with Love surround

sing a new song, break into new together sounds

and in midst of danger, anger, fear —show help, give calm


I the Creator

join not with emotions of hate nor weapons to kill

I the Creator

am not stuck with earthly thoughts of prominence

nor stuck with wicked so-human thoughts that

whisper whatever one in evil wants is willed by providence


OH>>>>>our Lord cries

Jerusalem Jerusalem, my city my city

People my people, my children my children

Be guided I ask

By words that I give

My brothers and sisters

Whom I love and long for


Stand firm in the Lord, beloved…

Wait for the Lord

Be strong

Take heart

Be strong

Wait for the Lord

And in each

longing waiting time

Imitate Christ Jesus your Lord

Gather together as chicks neath mother hens wings

And do forth


The Goodness  of God

The Caring of God

The drawing in of God

to whom all people are precious


And Nestling together within God’s breast

Find trust in God to guide

With gentle hand 

Through all dark disheartening demeaning days


When life’s troubles and crosses come

God, it is

that we find there beside us, around us, with us, above us, beneath us


And so we ask God

Give us trust in the sanctuary of your unchanging love

Trust that unchains us from fear, from anger, unchains us even from distrust


So that in your Goodness     We are rooted

And so that in Jesus, on your Rock, we stand,

that we in Christ

Build not on empires of our own

But on You,

Ah Holy Jesus


Ah holy Jesus

You cried Jerusalem, Jerusalem,

longing for us to give God’s mercy full reign

For human kind to set aside striving toward dominance

And see it replaced by

You Oh God, Holy Gentleness….


Gather gather us oh Jesus we pray

That we gather in worship and say

“Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord”

Whose name is goodness and mercy

Whose light shines in bright sunlit daylight and in deep darkest of night

Letting us see the future in thee o God

Diminishes not

but everlastingly   Forever and ever is and ever will be --

For we and all people, all creation, simply are thine…


So be it so be it. Amen and Amen.  

A recent sermon at Trinity:Preaching Luke 17:11-19 

Eyeglasses –I can’t remember what grade I was in when eyeglasses entered my life—maybe it was third grade.    
My teacher, Mr. Klein, noticed that I wasn’t doing as well at I had at the beginning of the year. Thinking I just wasn’t paying attention, he moved me from the last row, way to the front. Ick.  There I was, out of order, as classmates told me: your ast name “begins with an R, don’t you know our names all start with A and B.  You don’t belong here.” 
Bad enough—but then there re-figuring out who was distracting, who wanted to pass notes, who whispered funny stuff, who not so nice stuff, who picked on who, who acted up when the teacher was writing on the board. Worse, I couldn’t figure out why I was the only one moved.  My folks thought maybe I’d misbehaved, or that I really wasn’t not paying attention. The other kids thought maybe I’d been caught cheating, or wasn’t doing homework.  
But it was none of  that—I just needed to see better. At some point that year  Mr.  Klein, because he could now see me bettere, noticed I was always squinting at the board, even from the front row. 
Told I’d be getting glasses---knowing I’d be made fun of, and didn’t believe something sitting on my face would help me see, I dreaded the day.    
Then came  the day, and my Mom took me to get them. They felt so icky on my face. I was sure the clinic staff lied when telling me, “oh those look nice on you.”    Walking to the car, I looked down the whole way, so no one would see my face with glasses. As we drove home along our familiar route,  I finially looked out the window, and said with a loud voice, “hey Mom look –there are individual leaves on the trees, not just blobs of green, I’ve never seen them here before.” Of course, my mom started crying ..and even pulled over, telling me years later she’d felt terrible that no one had n oticed before that my vision was working right. But those first days I couldn’t stop noticing and exclaiming, “look over there, you can see that from here;  look! I can see the the name of that street from here and know from  this far away what it says.”  
I’d been seeing before, knowing there were green leaves on trees, words on the blackboard, street signs with  names, but I hadn’t been seeing what was there to be seen. 
Today, however, isn’t about eyeglasses, its about being a Christian, a disciple of Christ, a learner in the classroom of Jesus, a follower who is looking out from within oneself and seeing differently. 
Its about seeing not through eyeglasses, but through God and through faith in Christ.      
Remember Namaan, the army commander for the King of Aram, conquorers of the Jewish people in ancient Israel.  Namaan was certain he saw what he needed—but his vision of  what he needed was off by miles.   So when he saw his flesh restored from disease, he found himself saying, “Now I know there is no God in all the earth except the God of Israel…” quite a statement for someone from Aram where multiple gods were worshipped, and having only God would make you suspect of bringing problems for the community.   But Namaan now saw differently. 
Remember Paul, the apostle? He himself had not seen Jesus in the flesh, was blinded, then given sight again and saw life and all time and God differently—so that when he was a chained prisoner Paul saw this: the word of God is never chained, never prevented from being effective.  He’d been given a new way to see not only leaves on trees, but God and the world and all others. 
Remember the one leper, whose disease meant separation from all except others with visible diseases of the flesh?  As he went on his way, he looked down, and seeing himself changed, healed from had made him isolated, he saw life made new, saw differently, and saw Jesus as the source of being wholly alive, and now, saw existence wholly differently, and turned back to fall at the feet of Jesus. 
Seeing differently, is given to us, dear friends, as well. Faith in Christ is not to simply make us feel good, it is to help us see in ways that aren’t like what we’d come to our own.  
It means letting God putting new eyeglasses on us, even if the world thinks they make us look weird, or act or speak in ways that are not the norm for society, or even make us different than we’ve usually been.      
Looking back, we can see ancient writings of faith that caution us to n ot stay stuck in our own ways of thinking and seeing, noting how we like to see things as we are, not as God is. Seeing as we’d rather be, than being as God would see us be.  And Origen of Alexandria who was a Christian in the first century after Christ, a time of great persecution  for followers of Jesus, said “holiness is seeing with the eyes of Christ.” Modern writer Robert Barron says it this way: Christianity is, above all, a way of seeing. Everything else in Christian life flows from and circles around the transformation of our vision.” 
So we who claim Christ as the ground beneath our feet and the one at whose feet we kneel will, maybe with a sigh of reluctance, put on the lenses that change how we see …and be willing to ask Jesus to heal us from only seeing only as we like to see.  And in Jesus, who transforms our vision, we w ill see new ways of seeing, and prayer, worship, action, way of being in the world, and we will look down and see!  We too are made whole, and then may not recognize ourselves!  
So there were 10 lepers. 
Crying out to Jesus for mercy. 
And Jesus said in a sort of short hand at the time, “you’re in the process of being made whole, go and show yourself to the priests.”  And as they went,  they were made clean. 
But one, SEEING that he was healed, turned back to Jesus, praising God with a loud voice.  
You see, “Christianity is, above all, a way of seeing.” That’s how my friend Pastor Brian Stoffregren puts it.  “Everything else in our Christian life flows from and circles around the transformation God in Christ makes in our way of seeing….and so we see differently, and are seen differently.  For our lives, in Christ, flow not from our own decidings, but from Jesus of Nazareth, who gives us a new vision of what God is up to, in all of creation. 
And others, even when we don’t know it is happening, 
begin to see us, and then begin to see, 
 even when they don’t know it, 
Jesus, who has mercy and wholeness for all. 
Thanks be to God. 
                                    Pastor Kris Garey

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