God makes  all things new !

God makes all things new !


 At  Trinity we have suspended worship and group gatherings  until  Palm Sunday, April 5--as  it has been for the last  70  years, the Sanctuary is open for individual and family  prayer.  Pastor Kris will often be in at Trinity...feel free to stop by for personal conversation.  Each week we will send Worship Resources for "a Sunday at Home" to help us gather  even though we have distance between us.  On our "Worship is Central" page you can find the Worship at Home Resource for this Third Sunday in Lent--we will update each Wednesday and Sunday during this  unusual time .    May the Peace of Christ surround you.

Please call Trinity if we can be of any assistance.   218-475-2439

Though  today, Sunday March 15, we do not gather together in person, we gather together in Spirit! 

Dear Trinity community— 

In Christ, we work together for the good of all  neighbors, near and far. 

We have taken the step of suspending worship and group gatherings here at Trinity due to the current serious health concerns across the world.  

We do this not in fear, but to support the effort to reduce the rate of infection.   

While not “together” in person, we can be strengthened in our sense of togetherness in Christ! 

Using the attached Resource for this Sunday, we can follow the ancient Christian pattern of gathering around the presence  of Christ on the first day of the week. 

Please set aside our usual worship time of 9 – 10 a.m. to gather in Spirit with your brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Remind yourself that in worship we are always part of Trinity Lutheran Church—the Body of Christ in this place.   

At 9:00 a.m. on Sunday, our Trinity “call to worship bell” will ring---let your imagination hear its’ call: “come to worship, come to worship”. 

At your own pace, read through this Sunday’s worship and prayers, including the fine homily about the encounter of “Jesus and the Samaritan Woman at the Well” by Bill Beckstrand. 

Each week, as our Trinity worship time ends, we engage with one another in a time of fellowship. 

Let us continue that practice by giving a phone call to another member of our Community of Faith— 

we can use this time of crisis to reach out to one another in a new way as we care for one another in community. 

Receive the blessing God gives in worship, in gathering, in Praising God— 

I heard the voice of Jesus say, “come unto me and rest, I found in him  a resting place, and he has  made me glad.”   (I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say, Hymn 332). 

The Trinity Sanctuary is, as it has been for  70 + years, open at all times. You are welcome to stop by as individuals or a family to spend time in prayer and thanksgiving to God. 

Prayers: Please this week include in your prayers Henrik Stieler, infant son of Kati and David Stieler, grandson of Joni and  Nathan Kristenson. 

Next Friday Henrik (who is still so tiny) is scheduled for the first  of several hand surgeries... 

If there is any sign of cold/flu/respiratory difficulty in their little family, his surgery will be postponed, but he won’t be able to get on the schedule until late summer...please hold them in prayer! 

and Dorothy Peterson who is joyously visiting family in California, but expects to fly home this week... 

and for all children: dear God, give calm to children who are fearful from all they hear and see; give children and families patience; give guidance to parents, teachers and school administrators. 

P.S. each week on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. (WTIP 90.8 fm) is another opportunity to strengthen faith through the program “Sounds of the Spirit.”  

This program from St. Olaf College reflects on the texts for the day with hymns and choral music; included are selections and comments from B.J. Muus of Grand Marais.

Pastor Kris Garey;  Director of Music Ministry and Assistant Pastor, Bill Beckstrand

218-475-2439;  P O Box 188, Hovland, MN  55606; trinity@boreal.org

4957 E. Highway 61, Hovland

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