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Welcome to Trinity Lutheran Church in Hovland, Minnesota.  Here at Trinity, God provides a beautiful worship space, building, and gardens.  This is a place for worship and gathering where the Sacred meets the everyday. Here we are taught by the Holy Spirit, strengthened to live Christ by who we are in families, workplace, stores, or over a simple cup of coffee with a friend.  We are continually encouraged by the Holy Spirit to open our doors further to provide a greater welcome, and to remember Jesus said, “whatever you have done for the have done for me” (Matthew 25:40).  

Strengthened by worship, Holy Communion, and a place of respite and rest, we also head out our thrown open doors to live Christ by widening our invitation to worship, faith, and community.

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This Week at Trinity

Worship is central at Trinity!

9:00 AM Sunday Worship
Currently during the summer months, weather permitting, Trinity gathers at the Trinity Trails Gathering Space for worship.  Well-spaced benches and the outdoor environment allow attendees to maintain physical distancing.  Face coverings are recommended when in close contact with others.  The service includes Holy  Communion "in one kind."  Our Lutheran theology of Holy Communion has always taught that Christ is present in both elements and so in this time of COVID-19, we receive only the host.  Bring your own coffee for after the service!

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Virtual Worship
During this time of COVID-19, we have a virtual worship experience each week.  Everyone on the Trinity email list receives a link to a YouTube video of an abbreviated service with a sermon.  We also send a home worship resource in the email so you may follow along with the service and have the lessons for the day to read.  When possible Trinity members and friends provide special music.  Although separated, we are together!
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